Continuously researching the best varieties for you…

Stokes Seeds has been serving vegetable growers since 1881.

In those nearly 150 years, we have learned that our success continues to be directly linked to our customers’ success.

We test thousands of products annually in hundreds of on-farm trials, selecting the best performing and most well adapted varieties to meet the varied needs of producers. Additionally, Stokes Seeds participates in industry product evaluation trials across the United States, including large-scale trial events in WI, NY, NJ, GA and FL, collaborating with our world-class suppliers from the United States, Europe and Asia.

You can have confidence in the products we offer. From seed quality to variety characteristics, the Stokes Seeds lineup has been thoroughly tested and evaluated in your growing region to ensure performance expectations are met.

Stokes Seeds takes pride in partnering with growers to find solutions for their production and profit goals. Your success is our success.